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Welcome to Oklahoma, is a website for the small businesses in Oklahoma.  This site is intended to give overall exposure of small businesses on the internet, not only in their local area, but all over the state, nation and possibly the world.  Businesses can advertise where they get more overall exposure for less than their normal advertising methods would cost.  Although we do not sell web hosting, we do publish web pages on the internet that would give as much or more information about their business than any other method short of them setting up their own website. (If a business does have their own website, this is also good for directing people to the businesses' websites).  The cost is much less than the cost for normal printed advertisements that charge much more for a single daily or monthly issue, yet gives the business potential 24/7 exposure 365 days! 

The pages are simple without the flash and clutter that gets some people lost on the more extravagant websites.  It is designed to help people quickly find places to visit based on their planned trips, so that when they arrive, they already know where they want to eat, where the businesses are located and the prices for admission and the menu items... before ever walking in the door of the business.

Oklahomans and visitors to the state can come here to Welcome to Oklahoma to locate places of interest and places to eat or sleep, long before they get to the area.  The can get contact information and in some cases see menus of the restaurants before they even leave their house.  They can see pictures of the staff, the location maps when available or any other tidbit of information to help them decide where they wish visit in the Great State of Oklahoma.


Welcome to Oklahoma was designed as an afterthought while working on another project where I was trying to find a cost effective method to advertise my products.  Being a very small business, I was having difficulty finding an avenue that was cost effective and that would point customers to my website advertising my products.  While working on my list of prospects, I realized that there were many businesses that I had never heard all over the state, located in many small towns.  I wondered how these small businesses advertised to ensure they received plenty of business both from local customers and customers passing through the state.  I figured that there had to be a way for the little business owners to pool their advertising funds and attract customers to their display ads at a price that everyone could afford, and the idea of Welcome to Oklahoma was born!